Barn Conversion Kitchen Part 3 - Countertops

Barn Conversion Kitchen Part 3 - Countertops

Our countertops were the second largest expense in our kitchen at $8,500. This is a place where we weren’t able to get a huge savings but we budgeted for it as it was super important for us to finish the look we wanted.

We chose honed carrera marble with waterfall sides on the island. We could have saved pretty significantly by eliminating the waterfall but felt it really elevated the look of the kitchen (and the cabinet sides that would have to go there otherwise also aren’t inexpensive either). Granite also would have been a less expensive option but we love the look of marble and is a more sophisticated and classic look.

When we first researched carrera marble for a countertop option we were concerned that it is a more porous material than other stones so can be prone to staining. We have found that staining isn’t an issue but we do get some etching from water stains or acids from fruits and vegetables. They aren’t super noticeable especially since we went with the honed finish but they happen no matter how careful we are. Even with the etching we would still use marble again.

We recommend finding a talented local installer who will work with you to find the stone you want. We worked with Infinite Granite in Brimfield, MA who were excellent. When they didn’t have the stone we wanted they referred us to their supplier where we were able to go to a warehouse and pick out our own slab. We were able to negotiate a little bit on price as we had worked with them previously on the stone in our bathroom at the Edmondson House. We do not recommend using a big box store for your countertops, they do not have the quality options you can get from a local supplier.

Choosing our slab at the Marble & Granite Depot in Westborough, MA.


Installation took one day and we were thrilled with the final results. Don’t skimp on this part of your kitchen, good stone work makes a huge impact on the look and value of your kitchen.

Photo from the day of our countertop installation.

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