Barn Conversion Kitchen Part 2 - Appliances

Barn Conversion Kitchen Part 2 - Appliances

If you read our previous blog post about our cabinets, you will know that we try not to pay full price for our projects and our appliances were no different. Below are the appliances we purchased and what we like about them.

Jenn-Air 36” Wide 5 Burner Induction Cooktop - Regular Price $2299

  • Our preference would have been to have a gas range but we do not have gas in our home and didn’t want to have to worry about a propane tank. Electric was our only choice and we had done some research on induction cooking and couldn’t be happier with our choice. It heats up quickly and is the closest thing we have experienced to cooking over an open flame.

Bosch 30” Side Opening Double Wall Oven - Regular Price $4899

  • We knew we wanted a double oven because we do a lot of entertaining. We didn’t know side opening ovens were a thing until we found this oven and we highly recommend it! Super easy to get pans in and out of.

Bosch 36” Built In Bottom Refrigerator Freezer - Regular Price $8299

  • We love the spaciousness of the refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. There is enough space to fit a whole pizza box while still having plenty of freezer space. And a water dispenser/ice maker that we use all the time.

Bosch 24” 500 Series Dishwasher - Regular Price $999

  • This is my favorite dishwasher we have ever owned, it is super quiet and does a great job cleaning. It was important to us to have a quiet dishwasher since our kitchen is open to our living room and we never hear it.

Marvel 24” Wine Cooler - Regular Price $1989

  • We wanted a beverage cooler for a couple of reasons. We like to have plenty of beer and wine on hand for guests which takes up a lot of refrigerator room. More importantly for the price we paid it was actually cheaper to put in the cooler than it was to put in another cabinet in that space.

At the regular price for all of these appliances we would have paid $18,485.

We paid $5300 total.

How did we save over 70%? We went to a refurbished/scratch and dent appliance store. This is my favorite part of our kitchen project because so few people do this and the savings are so huge, you can also usually find better brands than you would be able to find at a big box store. You do have to be open-minded when shopping at one of these stores - you are at the mercy of what is in stock and you probably won’t be able to get a matching set. For us we knew we wanted an induction cooktop and the Jenn-Air one was the best they had available, we were lucky that the rest of the appliances we liked were all Bosch so those did match. As for the “scratch and dent’ part - our refrigerator has a small dent on the freezer drawer and our oven has a small scratch - both are hardly noticeable and everything is in great working order.

You should be able to find one near you through a google search or try craigslist - many of them will advertise there.

We used Kitchen Guys in Pawtucket, RI and had an excellent experience, they were great to work with when buying and stood by their products afterwards. We had an issue with our original wine cooler that wasn’t staying cold and they replaced it with an even better model with no up-charge. We highly recommend using them if you are in Rhode Island or the surrounding area.

Don’t be afraid to try this out. We were able to get much better quality appliances which also makes our kitchen look more expensive when in actuality we paid less than we would have for basic appliances at a big box store.

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